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Babcock Publishing - Low Cost Self Book Publishing...Babcock Publishing - Low Cost Self Book Publishing

(a division of Jerry's P. S., Inc., a Delaware corporation)

offers Low Cost Book Publishing
for new authors


Self Publishing, Romance, Sex, Fiction, Non-Fiction,
Novels, Poetry, Religious, Cookbooks and more!

Let us publish your book for you!


Book Publishing is Our Business

Welcome to Babcock Publishing Company - We can help you publish your book!

We offer a low cost way to get published...NOW!

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This could be your start of a

one million dollar bill

selling book!


Please read our ENTIRE page.....then
click on the
for more information and manuscript mailing instructions!


We publish, print, market, edit, design covers,
bind, barcode, ISBN register and
copyright your book In your name!
We also promote books for new authors!
We are publishers of romance, sex, novels,
religion, fiction, non fiction, cookbooks,
children's books and poetry at rates
40% to 50% below regular subsidy publishers!



For a limited time we will send you
totally FREE one (1) U. S. Eisenhower dollar
over 30 years old with each book order!
That's right!
(Our choice of dates between 1971 and 1978)

Current Books In Print
You can view and order sample copies of books we published
and have in print using our
PayPal shopping cart!


We also produce music demo's for songs you
have written. I released my first CD of Easy
Listening songs on April 2, 2003 and it is selling
very well. You can order a copy of it here.

There is a link on that page if you want us to
publish demos of songs you have written.


We are presently associated with Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.
All books we publish are purchased by them for sale on their online websites.
Under their present policy we are guaranteed a listing of all books that
Babcock Publishing publishes. It must be understood that we have no control
over policy decisions by these companies and they may change their policies
as they wish from time to time. Publishing a book in most cases is easy to
get done....
getting stocked and sold in major internet bookstores is the
hardest thing to accomplish. This means, under the present policies,
YOUR book WILL be sold to Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com when
we have your book finished. This is a
GREAT PLUS for all upcoming new
authors and a step in the right direction for sales. We, at Babcock Publishing,
PROUD to offer you, our Authors, this great service and advantage.
Can we guarantee your book will sell?
NO! But we will certainly try
our best to market your book. Absolutely NO publisher can guarantee
your book will sell. Books sell on their own merit by subject matter
and demand.


These top authors are just like you!
They wrote a
FIRST book at one time!

Top 50 current authors - Dan Brown, J. K. Rowling, Dean Koontz, J. R. R. Tolkien, Bill Bryson, Patricia Cornwell, Roald Dahl, Ian Rankin, Enid Blyton, Danielle Steel, Alexander McCall Smith, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Kennedy, John H. Haynes, Minette Walters, Mark Haddon, Karin Slaughter, John le Carre, Erica James, Cathy Kelly, Alice Sebold, Cecelia Ahern, Monica Ali, Patricia Scanlan, Ruth Rendell, William Shakespeare, Jennifer Donnely, Jacqueline Wilson, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Peter Russek, Philip Pullman, Charles Dickens, Roger Hargreaves, Bill O'Reilly, James Patterson, Bernard Cornwell, George Orwell, Jackie Collins, Homer, Anne Rice, Allan Ahlberg, Keith & Kent Zimmerman, Terry Deary, Virginia Andrews, John Grisham, John Lydon, Charles Bukowski, MarieB, Margery Williams, Marcia Willett


Promotional Ideas
Here is an example of how we ourselves promote
books we have written to help give you promotional ideas
for your newly published book!


From the beautiful German Christmas oriented

tourist village of Frankenmuth, Michigan,

in cooperation with McDonald's restaurant and Toys for Tots,

my brother Bruce did a personal autograph session

and donated all the profits to Toys for Tots!


Bruce Babcock, Author and Publisher
(Jerry Babcock, CEO (Chief Executive of Operations),
Production Manager and Promotions Manager)


We can save you $1000's of dollars!
Have you written a book and don't know
where to go from there?
Let us help you publish your book!
If you are the author of a book please read
There are
3 different classes of publishers!




They ONLY publish for KNOWN writers. If you are an UNKNOWN writer
they will send your manuscript back to you
UNREAD! It's a never ending cycle
of POSTAGE followed by a REJECTION slip,
ad infinitum, that many
of you have already experienced.




They will publish ANY book, for ANY writer, for a fee. Their fees usually
start around
$10,000 and go up from that point. We have "been there...done that"
with our own first book. They usually require a printing of
1000 books and will
state in their contract that you have
"NO GUARANTEE" that your
investment in 1000 books will be profitable for you. And, by the way, after
you spend the $10,000...you then have to buy the 1000 books from them!
It's a
LOSE LOSE situation for you and a WIN WIN situation for them!
And then....YOU have to sell your own books to bookstores or friends!




We can layout and publish your book, help you sell your book
save you $1000's of dollars. You don't have to print 1000 copies!
PLEASE NOTE: Like ALL subsidy publishers we
DO NOT read your
manuscript and comment on the subject matter. We review how it
is laid out, how many pages there will be and what kind of cover
will be needed. That is the information we use to figure out your
total publishing costs. It is then your decision to publish or not.
ALSO: As mentioned above the present policy of Barnes and Noble
and Amazon.com is to purchase books from Babcock Publishing
and offer them for sale on their websites. Unless they change their
policy in the future your books will be listed with them. We cannot
guarantee your book will sell but we will try our best.
P.S. - Don't forget we also sell your book through our website
listing Books In Print right here:

We can publish your book
regular subsidy publishers!


We absolutely give NO e-mail quotes!


Manuscripts should be submitted on printed
8.5" x 11" white paper only.
You can submit handwritten
copy but the cost does increase because of the
additional time to correctly read and transcribe
your manuscript into publishing format.


Because of computer viruses in many computers
we accept
NO file downloads!
Discs also are not accepted because of viruses!


For a limited time we will send you
totally FREE one (1) U. S. Eisenhower dollar
over 30 years old with each book order!
That's right!
(Our choice of dates between 1971 and 1978)

Current Books In Print
You can view and order sample copies of books we
have in print using our PayPal shopping cart


For details on how
Babcock Publishing Company
can save you


E-mail us here if you have any questions
not answered above



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